Enjoy food, today and tomorrow

Food and drink represent some of our society's greatest traditions and pleasures. Today we have access to an impressive variety and quality of food and drinks. Our sector is an indelible part of Europe's social, economic and cultural fabric. But like most progress, this comes with challenges.

The food and drink industry wants to play its part as an active partner in addressing these challenges. To ensure that Europe continues to have the highest quality and safest food in the world. To drive prosperity and ensure quality jobs. FoodDrinkEurope's role is to help the industry, policy-makers and civil society work together towards these goals.

The path towards Sustainable Food Systems

The path towards Sustainable Food Systems

Growing challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and malnutrition are affecting our sector and society alike. Today, in the context of the European Green Deal, we are determined more than ever to help address these global challenges by moving towards more sustainable food systems and implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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