Practical decarbonisation toolkit

This toolkit has been prepared for SMEs in the food and drink manufacturing sector. It is aimed at helping SMEs decarbonise their scope 1 and 2 emissions, contributing to becoming net zero. It can be used by SMEs just getting started, or for SMEs part way through the net zero journey that seek further guidance and support.

The toolkit introduces case studies and templates to help implement five key steps towards net zero. These steps are:

  1. Measuring emissions – calculating the baseline carbon footprint of the SME;
  2. Identifying options – putting together a list of initiatives to reduce carbon emissions;
  3. Building a plan – developing an implementation plan for the identified options;
  4. Funding opportunities and building a business case – guidance on funding opportunities and how to justify investment in projects;
  5. Monitoring and communicating – how to monitor progress towards the emission reduction target and share this with stakeholders.

The toolkit, supporting templates, and case studies will be added to the FoodDrinkEurope website for free access by SMEs. It is intended that interested SMEs will read this toolkit in order to gain an understanding of why they should decarbonise, use the templates with guidance from the toolkit, and read the case studies for assurance on industry peers that have successfully implemented each step.

This toolkit has been prepared by Ricardo for FoodDrinkEurope. All information provided is correct as of 11/05/23.