ETP Food for Life

Driving innovation, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness.

FoodDrinkEurope holds the secretariat of the European Technology Platform : Food for Life.

European Technology Platforms (ETPs) are industry-led stakeholder fora recognised by the European Commission as key actors in driving innovation, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness.

ETPs develop research and innovation agendas and roadmaps for action at EU and national level to be supported by both private and public funding. They mobilise stakeholders to deliver on agreed priorities, share information across the EU and help deliver solutions to major challenges of key concern to citizens.

The inclusion of a food-themed ETP as an important element in the EU innovation ecosystem is justified by the challenging opportunities for improving welfare and wellbeing in the EU through research and innovation in the food area. In addition, the EU and drink industry is the largest manufacturing industry in the EU in terms of turnover, value added and employment, and therefore represents a key pillar of the EU economy.

The ETP Food for Life aims to deliver a pre-competitive research strategy and ensure a collaborative approach in the execution of the implementation agenda for the European food industry, targeted towards:

  • A sustainable food supply, including food processing, new technologies, and consumer acceptance through a food chain approach
  • The prevention of the rise in non-communicable diseases, focusing on nutrition and behaviour changes

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