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Food Future

FoodDrinkEurope has launched #FoodFuture, a public conversation to engage European consumers, policy makers, NGOs, academics and industry in a constructive dialogue about the future of our food.

Never has there been a more urgent need to achieve sustainable food systems and your input will help the food manufacturing industry accelerate the transformative change needed.

To achieve sustainable food systems, we must work towards innovations and ideas that deliver a greener planet, healthier living and a thriving economy.

Throughout 2021 we will host panel events, conduct focus groups, convene stakeholder roundtables, organise factory visits and engage widely on social media using #FoodFuture. We want to add your voice to the conversation.

And if you want to get involved, sign up to our events throughout the year and why not complete our quick 3-minute #FoodFuture survey.

More about Food Future

Greener Planet

Our environment is under great pressure. With the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, pollution and deforestation accelerating, we’re seeking new ways to reduce the footprint of our food and drink on the planet.

Healthier Living

The spotlight is also on what we eat and its impact on our health. Too many consumers experience a lack of balance in their diet and lifestyles, and we’re determined to accelerate ideas and innovations to rectify this.

Thriving Economy

Our economy has been ravaged by Covid-19 with a devastating impact on jobs and businesses, especially in the hospitality, tourism, and leisure sectors. The food and drink industry can help drive the EU’s economic recovery.

Join the conversation #FoodFuture