From Seed to Spoon - CEEREAL Manifesto 2024-29

Published: 25/06/2024

The European Breakfast Cereal Association (CEEREAL) has released their latest manifesto ahead of the new EU legislative term for 2024-29.

In their manifesto for the new legislative period, breakfast cereal manufacturers and oat millers, organised under the European Breakfast Cereal Association CEEREAL, re-emphasise their commitments and demonstrate achievements in five key areas: nutrition, food safety and quality, food information, advertising, and sustainability.

Ece Nevra Durukan, President of CEEREAL: “As breakfast cereal manufacturers, we understand the importance of breakfast and breakfast cereals in people’s diets. It is our responsibility and motivation to continuously improve the nutritional value of our products, offer a wide variety of products, and provide people with the necessary information to choose the cereal that best suits their dietary needs and taste preferences. Ensuring food safety and quality is of utmost importance to CEEREAL and its members, and it serves as the foundation for all our actions.”

From 2015 to 2023, breakfast cereal manufacturers have increased the whole grain content in their products by 38.6% and the fibre content by 12.3% while decreasing the sugar content by 9.0%*.

“We take pride in our accomplishments and strive to set higher standards to contribute to the overall sustainability of food systems”, the CEEREAL President continues. “Achieving this goal requires collaboration, not only within our industry and the food sector, but also with the public sector and policymakers.”

“We are looking forward to speaking to policymakers about our priorities and actions and to discussing what an enabling policy and regulatory environment could look like that is based on scientific evidence and fosters sustainable growth and innovation.”