Best practices from Austria for more sustainable food systems

Published: 03/02/2023

Companies operating in Austria do a lot to promote sustainability in the food system. Their commitment covers all three pillars of sustainability defined by FAO: social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Presenting the projects of member companies to the public is one of the main priorities of the website “Österreich isst informiert“ (Austria eats in an informed way) of the Food Industries Association of Austria (FIAA). On its website, the FIAA provides insight into the (industrial) production of food, gives information on the sector, and covers relevant topics such as food law, food safety and sustainability in food production.

Among the most read corporate best practices in the field of sustainability, are:

• Sustainable use of agricultural raw materials
• CO2 reduction in food production
• Waste heat utilisation in food production
• How biorefineries recycle raw materials
• Keeping food packaging materials in a closed loop
• Social sustainability in the food chain
• Environmental sustainability in the food chain

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