French food industry supporting bakers to meet nutritional targets

Published: 03/02/2021

The CSFL (Chambre Syndicale Française de la Levure) represents the French yeast producers. French bakers signed a collective agreement with the French government in order to improve the nutritional composition of bread, with the objective to reduce, by the end of 2014, the salt content in bread to 18g/kg of flour.

As partner of French bakers, the CSFL led two main actions:

  • Training of sales representatives to the challenges of salt reduction;
  • Creation and distribution of a flyer added to fresh yeast packs sold to bakers.

The flier was sent in three waves to 32,000 French bakers, reminding them to reach the objective of a salt content of 18g/kg of flour by the end of 2014. An evaluation on the current content of salt in bread is currently being conducted.

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