Campari: Innovative and sustainable logistics

Published: 15/04/2019

In 2018, Campari was awarded the title of ‘Logistics company of the year 2018’, recognition by Assologistica conferred on companies which stand out for their innovation activities in the logistics sector.

Partnering with PAKi LOGISTICS (a leading European company in the supply, management and exchange of Epal pallets and other standard unit loads), Campari has been able to reduce the number of deliveries to and from their factories in Italy.

The PAKi method involves recovering pallets from unloading points and transferring them to own storage facilities or to one belonging to a customer that is closer. At the same time, PAKi delivers the same type of pallets from its closest storage facilities to Campari’s loading points. This procedure enables Campari to significantly reduce the number of deliveries made within Europe, and hence have a positive environmental impact.

In 2018, the number of pallets managed using the ‘PAKi method’ nearly doubled compared to the previous year, rising from 85,025 to 160,126 pallets transported. More than 76% of returning empty pallets were managed via PAKi.

With the support of the Ecologistico2 platform, Campari calculated the reduction in CO2 emissions per pallet transported in 2017 compared with 2015. The study showed that the reduction in CO2 per pallet was considerable, amounting to a reduction of over 37%.

In addition, Campari has moved much of its deliveries to intermodal transport, which has led to a reduction of over 50% in CO2 per ton/km, and in the generation of fine dust by over 90%, mainly due to the use of electrically-powered rail transport, even if the distance in kilometres travelled is greater than the more direct standard transport by road.

Campari is a member of spiritsEurope.

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