Cardboard replaces plastic: the new Keelclip packaging for cans

Published: 19/01/2021

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland now uses Keelclip cardboard packaging instead of plastic for its can multipacks, which will save 95 tonnes of plastic wrap per year. This is another important milestone in Coca-Cola’s commitment to reducing the amount of packaging material in use.

KeelClip is an innovative packaging solution made from cardboard and is used for cans. The light and practical cardboard solution is 100% recyclable. By using this new packaging, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland will save 95 tonnes of plastic per year.

In addition, KeelClip is made using sustainable cardboard certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring environmentally and socially responsible production.

Along with Ireland, Northern Ireland and Austria, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is among the first European markets to introduce KeelClip. KeelClip is a new innovation on the Swiss market for non-alcoholic soft drinks.

The 330ml Coca-Cola multipacks (Original and Zero) are now available with the innovative KeelClip packaging at leading retailers. During the next few months, the cardboard packaging solution will also be introduced for further products.

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