Coca-Cola: 50% recycled PET by 2025 across its portfolio

Published: 02/02/2017

In 2017, 24.6% of the PET used by Coca-Cola European Partners, Coca-Cola’s bottling partner in Western Europe, was recycled PET (rPET). CCEP will continue to work with the suppliers and invest in the rPET value chain. By 2025 CCEP committed to more than double the amount of rPET used, so that 50% of all the PET will be rPET.

In addition, in 2017, 4.5% of PET packaging was made from Plant PET. CCEP’s glass, steel and aluminium is made of 34% recycled content on average. In addition, 14% of CCEP’s PET packaging and 85% of glass packaging is refillable.

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