Danone Eaux France first French mineral water brand 100% B Corp certified

Published: 21/04/2021

evian, a Danone company, which brings together the evian, Badoit and La Salvetat brands obtained B Corp certification.

The company joins the collective of companies that act on a daily basis to make a positive contribution to society. B Corp is a label that certifies companies that have set up high standards in terms of social and environmental performance.

Obtaining this label recognises the daily actions carried out by companies to provide
benefits of natural mineral water to the greatest number. Historically committed and pioneering on these social and environmental issues, Danone Eaux France acts on a daily basis around 5 priority areas:

  • Offer water of high quality
  • Offer more sustainable packaging with the ambition that by 2025, all packaging will be 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable
  • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2025. A goal that has already been achieved worldwide for evian and Volvic products, and certified “carbon neutral” by Carbon Trust in 2020
  • Preserve our natural mineral waters and their ecosystem
  • Promote access to quality drinking water to as many people as possible

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