Dietary habits and nutrient intakes in infants and toddlers

Published: 03/02/2016

To better understand the dietary habits and nutrient imbalances of young children, Danone commissioned several dietary surveys across Europe through 2015 and 2016. The surveys will inform optimisation of Danone Baby products and adapt communication to parents.

The objectives of the commitment are to:

  • Increase the knowledge on dietary habits and nutritional imbalances in young children in Europe, by performing dietary surveys in countries where information on diet & nutrition is lacking, of poor quality or too old.
  • Identify opportunities for product innovations and needs for product reformulation that can play an important role in optimising the diet of infants and toddlers.
  • Adjust (advised) portion sizes for infant and toddler products to optimize daily energy and nutrient intakes.
  • Adjust communication to parents and health care professionals to improve the development of healthy eating  habits

In 2016, the following results were achieved:
– Publication of the nutritional Randomised Controlled Trial in young children living in Western-Europe.
– Publication of a final analysis on simulation modelling done on UK children’s dietary survey data.
– Completion of a new collaborative study between the Nutricia Foundations and academic partners in Poland, collecting 4 days of dietary data intake and information on parental feeding behaviour regarding 6 – 36 month old young children.
– Update scientific rationales and product development guidelines of Danone Early Life Nutrition (ELN) Nutrition Standards.
– Launch of a new ELN commitment on nutritional quality and nutritional targets of products by 2020

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