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DSM: enabling a low-carbon economy

Published: 21/04/2021

DSM is enabling a low-carbon economy through everything from sustainable materials and resins, to new farming methods, to game-changing renewable energy innovations. In fact, nearly two-thirds of the companies entire portfolio comprises Brighter Living Solutions – products and services that have a specific environmental or social benefit compared to mainstream reference solutions.

One example is that the company is producing ropes, slings and synthetic chains made with DSM’s own innovative fibre, Dyneema. Dyneema can play a key role in making renewable energy from offshore wind parks viable, at an affordable cost. Synthetic lifting and lashing equipment made with Dyneema significantly reduces the weight and size of equipment used in constructing and operating wind parks, as well as reducing the physical effort required of their crews. Dyneema fibre will also be crucial in delivering the cutting-edge floating foundation technology necessary to keep wind parks safely anchored offshore at ever-greater depth.

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