DSM: Transforming food systems

Published: 24/09/2021

DSM is working towards a world in 2050 where everyone has access to good nutrition from Kigali to Kansas; where agriculture and food production leaves no environmental footprint; where food loss and waste does not exist anymore; and where farmers and their communities don’t just survive but thrive.

Building on the company’s scientific strengths and innovation power, DSM is now making firm commitments to improve planet, people and livelihoods by 2030.


  • DSM’s commitment: Enable closing the micronutrient gaps of 800 million vulnerable people by 2030
  • DSM’s commitment: Supporting the immunity of half a billion people by 2030


  • DSM’s commitment: Enable a double-digit reduction of farm livestock emissions together with our customers by 2030
  • DSM’s commitment: Reaching 150 million people with nutritious, delicious, sustainably produced plant-based foods by 2030


  • DSM’s commitment: Supporting the livelihoods of 500,000 smallholder farmers by 2030

Other commitments

  • DSM’s commitment: Good workforce nutrition for all employees
  • DSM’s commitment: Deforestation-free primary supply chains by 2030

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