European beer pledge

Published: 03/02/2016

Launched in the European Parliament in February 2012 the European Beer Pledge is a voluntary initiative by brewers to support EU Member States in reducing alcohol related harm. Brewers committed to taking concerted and measurable action to:

  1. provide consumer information:
  2. ensure responsible advertising; and
  3. address alcohol misuse, building on the brewers’ position as the leading contributors of voluntary commitments to the European Alcohol and Health Forum.

The first and third pillars in particular contribute to the promotion of healthy lifestyles by increasing consumer knowledge of beer and its responsible consumption and supporting campaigns against underage drinking, binge drinking and consumption during pregnancy.

The second year report, assured independently by KPMG Sustainability, demonstrated that brewers, building on the numerous best practises, had continued to step up activities, numerically, geographically and in scope, under the Beer Pledge.

A third year report, end 2015, will look back over the duration of the Pledge.

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