Ferrero commits to 100% satellite monitoring of palm oil supply

Published: 03/02/2021

Ferrero has committed to using the Starling satellite monitoring and verification service across all of its palm oil sourcing areas. 

Operated by Earthworm Foundation and Airbus, Starling uses a combination of satellite imagery and on-the-ground expertise to monitor land cover change and forest cover disturbance in near real time. By providing data that shows where potential deforestation occurs, Starling will enable Ferrero to identify grievances in its supply chain and drive positive change on the ground. 

This is part of a longer journey for Ferrero. In 2013, Ferrero began working with Earthworm Foundation to drive the company’s efforts in the area of sustainable palm oil. After achieving 100% traceability to palm oil plantations in 2016, it began verifying that the principles on protecting forests, as outlined in Ferrero’s Palm Oil Charter, were respected by oil palm producers in its supply chain. 

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