Spanish producers reformulating food for healthier eating

Published: 03/02/2016

Since signing the National Strategy on Nutrition and Obesity Prevention (NAOS) in 2005, the Spanish Food & Drink Federation (FIAB) has been supporting companies and sectors in their actions to improve composition of their products with respect to certain nutrients (sugars, fats, salt and energy).

A catalogue has been created with the actions taken from 2007 to 2011, including the following highlights:

  • Over the past 7 years, 25% of the yoghurt market reduced fat content by 40%
  • In 61.4% of the total market volume for the chips category, the level of sodium has decreased by approximately 12%
  • Over 75% of the chips and snacks category use low-saturated oils such as olive oil, high-oleic sunflower or corn
  • 35% of the total market volume of the soups and creams category has reduced saturated fat by 85%
  • In recent years, reductions of trans fatty acids between 60-90% have been achieved in margarines used in bakery products and confectionery
  • In 55% of the total market volume of meat dishes, the amount of trans fats has been reduced by 75%
  • Several sectorial agreements have been signed with the Spanish Government to improve the composition of foods and beverages, such as the one signed by the Spanish Association of Snacks in 2015 for monitoring the reduction of salt content in snacks between 2015-2020.

The work on improving food composition continues and FIAB aims to update its catalogue for 2012-2015.

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