From Oak to Cognac

Published: 30/01/2020

Across Europe, forest cover contributes to the protection of biodiversity and the safeguarding of natural habitats.

For nearly ten years, Rémy Cointreau Group and especially Rémy Martin and LOUIS XIII Cognac, has been committed to forest preservation in France through a sponsorship operation in partnership with the French National Forestry Office (Office National des Forêts – ONF). 

Rémy Cointreau Group has participated in the replanting of more than 115,000 oak seedlings. In addition, the company sponsored a number of programmes, in particular:

  • The creation of a “biodiversity” forest trail in the Braconne forest near Angoulême. 
  • An operation to ensuring the future of the Moulières state-owned forest in the Vienne region: the project enabled forest renewal with the replanting of a dozen hectares of oak trees that are more resistant to drought.

Rémy Cointreau Group is also involved in specific projects to preserve the pedunculate oak, which is typical of the production of the Rémy Martin and Louis XIII Cognac:

  • A first project entitled “Renaissance” aims to create a network of planting islands to find out how the pedunculate oak in Poitou-Charentes adapts to climate change.
  • The second project involves planting pedunculate oaks in the Monnaie state forest (Maine-et-Loire region) in order to enhance and preserce this oak species in this forest. 
  • And the last programme was dedicated to plant 800 trees in Le Domaine du Grollet, the estate of LOUIS XIII Cognac. The objective was to preserve the remaking of its rare oak ageing named: Tierçons, which play a critical role in the aromatic development of LOUIS XIII Cognac and to protect the biodiversity of the region.

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