Global Be(er) Responsible Day

Published: 17/09/2020

AB InBev, the world’s leading brewer, is adding smart drinking messages to its beers in Europe, including Stella Artois, Leffe, Corona, Jupiler, Hertog Jan, Beck’s and Budweiser, as part of its Global Smart Drinking Goals.

The actionable smart drinking messages appearing on beer labels across Europe have been developed in conjunction with public health researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine and include different warning messages against drinking and driving, underage drinking, moderate drinking and consuming alcohol when pregnant or breastfeeding amongst others.

This information builds on detailed nutritional and ingredient information that AB InBev has rolled out across all of its beers since 2015, as part of a voluntary commitment within the beer sector, so that beer fans can make informed choices.

This year’s Global Be(er) Responsible Day – 18th September 2020 – sees the brewer’s 170,000 employees around the world take part in activities to champion smart drinking in their communities, including raising awareness of alcohol health literacy, changing social norms and promoting alcohol-free brands like Stella Artois Alcohol-Free, Beck’s Blue, Budweiser Zero, and Jupiler 0.0.

AB InBev’s Global Smart Drinking Goals
GOAL 1: Multi Year Pilots Reduce the harmful use of alcohol by at least 10% in six cities* by the end of 2020. Implement the best practices globally by the end of 2025. (*Leuven in Belgium is one of the cities in this pilot)
GOAL 2: Social Norms Invest $1 billion USD across our markets in dedicated social marketing campaigns and related programs by the end of 2025.
GOAL 3: Product Portfolio Ensure No- or Lower- Alcohol beer products represent at least 20% of AB InBev’s global beer volume by the end of 2025.
GOAL 4: Alcohol Health Literacy Place a Guidance Label on all of our beer products in all of our markets by the end of 2020. Increase alcohol health literacy by the end of 2025.

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