GOOD4U: new product development of functional Breakfast Boosts

Published: 24/04/2023

Aims and Objectives

Based in Sligo, Ireland, Good4U use nutrient-dense ingredients to create nutritious products that are tailored to give functional health benefits. They were interested in expanding their product portfolio and bring innovation to the health focused products category throughout personalised nutrition.

The aim was to launch a range of functional Breakfast Boosts to the grocery category in major retailers in Ireland and the UK, targeting consumer health concerns: immunity, multivitamins, and protein.

Ingredient & Processing

Good4U used a stage gate approach for their new product innovations, from concept to launch, starting with an initial research phase to identify meaningful unique ideas. The intention was to maximise current resources and bring product to market using existing technology.

A project was undertaken to rationalise ingredient list. Apart from a limited number of ingredients, they worked with existing approved suppliers which helped to streamline and accelerate the process. Good4U only use plant-based ingredients to provide functionality and nutritional profile so ingredients such as acerola cherry extract was used for Vitamin C, a UV grown mushroom for vitamin D2, pumpkin seed for zinc and sunflower seed for Vitamin E.

Development & Testing

Trial runs were conducted to validate the product formulation and manufacturing processes to ensure they can produce the product according to the requirements. The trials also validated proposed packaging materials and methods.

The samples were assessed by a taste panel comprising the product development team and any additional personnel not related to the project and compared against a benchmark product. This was followed by sensory analysis of products from the trial runs, organoleptic assessment, chemical/nutritional analysis, and microbiological analysis.

A shelf-life assessment was also conducted in accordance with documented procedures reflecting conditions (where possible) experienced during storage, transportation, and handling by the customer.

Regulatory considerations

Since Good4U were making a number of health claims in relation to immunity and protein, the recipes had to be validated by a UKAS accredited laboratory during the development process to ensure that the claim met and complied with current EU regulations and were EFSA approved. Any novel ingredients included also had to be labelled accordingly, for instance chia had to have its full name declared on back of pack (chia salvia Hispanic L).

Results & Outcome

Good4U launched Breakfast Boost range and have successful listings with three Breakfast Boost lines (Immune, Vitamin, and Protein) in two major retailers in Ireland and UK, with new packaging formats being launched into international markets and an imminent new launch with a UK retailer.