Greek Food & Drink Industry Federation: Terra Creta Sustainability Programme

Terra Creta Sustainability Programme

Published: 04/01/2021

Terra Creta employs 31 persons and works with 1,000 farmers and a technical and scientific team. It is one of the biggest food and drink companies in its region (Chania) and the biggest olive oil producer in Crete.

Terra Creta Sustainability Programme encompasses environmentally friendly production, economic profitability and value creation, tradition and innovation.

Terra Creta supports its farmers with free equipment, collective input orders for better prices for the farmers, and a premium price for superior olive oil. An exporting company, Terra Creta also provides increased access to markets for its farmers, essential especially at the time of economic crises.

Education is key to the programme. Farmers are taught about pruning, fertilising, irrigation, plant protection, harvesting and how to improve their methods to produce better olive oil.

(SME, condiments & olive oil, Greece)