The Netherlands: health in the workplace

Published: 03/02/2017

The Dutch Food and Drink Industry Federation (FNLI) initiated and has participated in the Dutch Covenant for a Healthy Weight since 2005. One of the sub-covenants concerned ‘A healthy Workplace’. The main goal was to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle at and around the workplace. It is based on the principle that employees are responsible for their own lifestyle and that employers can play a role by promoting and facilitating a healthy lifestyle. This process of raising awareness continues together with a sharing of practical advice and best practices. The FNLI developed posters to hang in the workplace with tips (practical and easy to accomplish) for healthy diets as well as for casual physical activity at work to fulfil the goals for this specific part of the Covenant.

The posters are not only used by FNLI member companies, but by many other types of companies in many different sectors as well as by Non-Governmental Organisations.

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