Published: 03/02/2016

The purpose of the project was to identify new molecular biomarkers in order to prove the efficacy of the food products in different health targets, and especially on gut health, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and innovative analysis methods.

In order to increase the trust of our consumers in our products, the latest must be underpinned in science-based information. Likewise, the company commitment with the research and development must be visible and stand clear for everybody.

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation in 2010 approved Henufood Research project. It lasted four years. The project was founded with €23.6 million and grouped 9 companies and 11 Public Research Institutions around a Public-Private Partnership.

For the coming years, we will continue researching on key health topics closely connected to consumer trends and aligned with a public health goals.

More information are available at this link.