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Ice-cream industry commits to harmonised portion size reference

Published: 15/01/2015

Euroglaces believes that behavioural change is key to improve diets and lifestyle. Balanced diets are the result of conscious choices which are made possible through product offer as well as better consumer understanding of nutrition requirements and portion sizes.

In 2010 Euroglaces adopted a recommendation on an industry-wide typical portion size reference for nutritional purposes of 100 ml (or the equivalent in weight) for scooping products. This harmonised serving size for multi-serve products allows for fair and easy at-a-glance comparative nutrition information for consumers.
In addition to the mandatory nutrition declaration, most of the ice cream manufacturers have voluntarily chosen to also provide energy information per portion on the front-of-pack of their products, including as a percentage of the reference intake.

In addition to providing clear, fact-based nutritional information that enables consumers to make informed dietary choices, more and more ice cream companies also provide nutritional information via alternative communication channels such as company websites, smart-phone applications, etc.

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