Kellogg's Better Days

Published: 03/02/2021

In 2013, Kellogg launched Breakfasts for Better Days™. Since that time, we’ve provided more than 3 billion servings of food to people in need worldwide. Our next-generation Kellogg’s® Better Days commitments builds on our Breakfasts for Better Days™ successes. Through Kellogg’s® Better Days, we will seek to feed 375 million people in need through food donations and children reached through feeding programs by the end of 2030 globally.

Through this programme, Kellogg continues to support and expand its breakfast programmes, maximise product donations and advocate for the important role breakfast plays in the diet. Since the creation of our first school breakfast club in the UK in 1998, we have worked with local partners to expand the programme into Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium where thousands of children begin the day with a balanced, locally appropriate breakfast. In 2019 some 50,000 kids will benefit from the programme in Europe. Kellogg works with local partners and charities to deliver the programme. Whilst Kellogg supports and finances the clubs, it is up to the management to select the choice of breakfast products on offer appropriate to the local culture and context.

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