Kellogg’s Breakfast and Snack Food Beliefs

Published: 03/02/2021

In 2015 and 2016 respectively, Kellogg’s launched its global Breakfast Food Beliefs and Snack Food Beliefs, which includes commitments to continually develop better breakfast foods and encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Among these beliefs are specific targets for providing more beneficial nutrients, such as protein, fibre, key vitamins and minerals, and continuing to reduce sugar and salt and remove artificial colours and flavours in Kellogg’s breakfast cereal and snacks portfolio in line with consumer acceptance.

Through innovation and renovation, we provide consumers with reduced and lower sugar options, such as Kellogg’s Coco Pops®.

In 2018, Kellogg cut sugar across its product range by 40%. This followed a 14% sugar reduction in our popular cereal in 2017. We also continue to see positive consumer response to our W.K. Kellogg cereals and granolas with no added sugar and rich in fibres.

In addition, all of Kellogg’s children’s and family cereals in Europe now contain 50% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin D, in line with local regulations, which has many health benefits.

Specifically, by 2020 we pledge to:

Add more beneficial nutrients, including protein and omega 3 fatty acids; increase the variety of grains and plant-based ingredients to provide protein, fibre and whole grains; and ensure that 100 percent of our cereals have at least one nutrient that consumers don’t get enough of, such as vitamin D, fibre or iron.

Reduce sugar in our foods so that 90% of our ready-to-eat cereals have 10 grams or less of sugar per 30g serving.

Reduce the sodium in our cereals on average by more than 30%. At least 85% of our ready-to-eat cereals will have 150mg or less of sodium per 30g serving.

Increase nutrition education and active lifestyle communications by 50%.

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