Kellogg’s Origins Program France & Belgium

Published: 17/02/2022

As a pilot, Kellogg is offering a Carbon emission assessment to 20 farmers in France & Belgium.

This assessment will give year-on-year verified carbon savings and generate carbon certificates that the farmers can sell on the voluntary carbon market.

In the future, based on this assessment, farmers may get support to help decrease GHG/Carbon footprint, while improving their productivity.

To ensure the success of this new Origins programme, Kellogg is partnering with long-term potato flakes supplier, Clarebout, and Soil Capital, a society of independent agronomists working to help farmers adopt more sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices.

The Kellogg’s Origins Program already supports more than 433,000 farmers on five continents, by helping them with expertise, trainings and financial support. Four areas are leveraged within the Origins programme: Productivity/Technology/Climate/Biodiversity.

This very first Origins programme on potatoes in France & Belgium is perfectly aligned with the ambitions of the company expressed in its recent Wellbeing Manifesto. Kellogg announced back in May 2021, a 10-year action plan on nutrition, sustainability, and support towards the community. Kellogg already sources 100% of potatoes from European farms.

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