Kellogg’s Responsible Marketing

Published: 14/01/2021

Kellogg is a signatory to 21 global, regional and national responsible marketing pledges including the EU pledge and national pledges in Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland. Our commitments are outlined in our Worldwide Marketing and Communications Guidelines that also include the Kellogg Global Nutrient Criteria.

Kellogg was the first company to put nutrition information on its cereal packages in the 1930s. This transparent approach and our belief that more information about our foods is good for people’s overall wellbeing continues today. In 2018, we announced plans to adopt “traffic light” labeling on just under 80 percent of our cereal packages in the U.K. and Ireland. The decision to introduce the new labeling approach was based on feedback from a survey of consumers who said they want food companies to help them make healthy decisions.

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