Lacteos Goshua: reformulation of reduced-fat Greek-style yoghurt

Published: 24/04/2023

Aims and Objectives

Based in Navarra, Spain, Lacteos Goshua produce desserts, curd and yoghurt using locally sourced ingredients and fresh milk from the Pyrenees.

Guided by the Strategy for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Prevention of Obesity (NAOS) in Spain, Lacteos Goshua’s wanted to offer healthier choices for their customers.  The aim was to develop a new Greek-style yoghurt with significantly reduced fat content compared to the direct competitor products, without compromising on the richness and quality of the product.

Ingredient & Processing

Reducing fat content typically results in a loss of viscosity and altered texture, which poses a key challenge. They tackled this challenge using innovative industrial technologies in combination with the use of locally sourced fresh milk.

Development & Testing

Trialling and optimising the processing technology was key to maintaining the creaminess of the product. In addition, optimisation of the acidity was also another key factor to obtain the right viscosity and texture.

The shelf-life of the product was unaffected during shelf-life testing, and consumer testing was conducted showing a positive result when benchmarked against the market leader.

Results & Outcomes

Using innovative mixing technologies, together with their expertise, and know-how, Lacteos Goshua were able to maximise the creaminess and texture of their Greek-style yoghurt, whilst reducing the fat content by 50% compared to the market leader. The product development took approximately six months from inception and has been received positively by their customers.