Less is More

Published: 03/02/2021

Prompted by the wish to bring products of the highest quality to the customers’ table, PIK Vrbovec – leader in the Croatian meat sector, part of the Agrokor Group – initiated a campaign “Less is more”. With the “Less is more” project, PIK Vrbovec is able to offer a complete assortment of PIK branded meat products without taste enhancers, artificial colors, gluten or soybean. This major project is the result of several years’ work of the entire company, in which professionals working in the R&D Department had a key role.

The project “Less is more” covers over 90 products from various categories: Hams, Mortadellas, Dry salami, Frankfurters, Sausages for cooking and roasting, Pariser wurst and other. The project “Less is more” strengthened the role of PIK Vrbovec as the creator of modern trends and leader in the domestic, as well as regional market of meat and meat products.

“Less is more” was developed based on the identified requirements and needs of consumers for healthier, but equally high-quality and tasty products. Thanks to this unique and challenging project, PIK Vrbovec has offered a full range of meat products under the PIK brand that do not contain flavour enhancers, artificial colours, gluten or soy.

After launching the project, PIK Vrbovec became the holder of yet another prestigious award – the European Business Award in the category: “The award for customer focus”. PIK Vrbovec won this award specifically for the project “Less is more”, which was declared the best project on concern for consumers.