Making products healthier

Published: 15/01/2021

As well as reducing the amount of salt and added sugar in our products, we are working to increase the amount of legumes, wholegrains and servings of fruit and vegetables in our portfolio.  Since 2016, all of our tomato-based cooking sauces include at least one serving of fruit and vegetables per portion. Building on this, we are launching new products that contain more portions of fruit and vegetables per serving such as DOLMIO™ Veggie Goodness in the UK which contains two of your five a day per serving. We are also continuing to make progress on the number of servings of wholegrains and legumes in our rice products. 37% of our portfolio now provides at least one serving which is an increase versus 35% in 2017. We will continue to develop and innovate our range as we work towards our goal of 50% of our rice and grains products delivering one serving of wholegrains and/or legumes per portion by 2021. In addition, we are also continuing to provide recipe suggestions on-pack and online with more vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and wholegrains to inspire consumers to create healthier tasty meals.