McCain: helping farmers implement regenerative agriculture

Published: 17/02/2022

McCain and GAPPI (Potato Growers Representatives Association for Industry) announced at the GAPPI general assembly, the conclusion of an agreement with new contractual bases for farmers for the 2022 season.

McCain maintains a special relationship with nearly 800 farmers in France (Hauts de France and Grand Est) and has forged strong relationships with them for over 40 years. Of this group of farmers, more than 80% have worked with the company for more than 10 years, and 70% of farmers have only worked exclusively with McCain.

As major climatic hazards weigh more and more on the entire sector, McCain made a commitment in 2021 to regenerative agriculture, which aims to put the soil, the first working tool for farmers, back at the heart of the production system.

In line with this announcement and to encourage farmers to join this collective approach on a voluntary basis, McCain has dedicated a portion of this new contract to encouraging regenerative agriculture.

In this context, McCain is helping and encouraging farmers to implement specific practices such as:

  • Use of plant cover
  • Long crop rotation
  • Use of decision support tools

In addition to increased support in the field by McCain’s agronomic team and experts from the “Living Soils” initiative of the NGO Earthworm, farmers will benefit from a long-term commitment. A 6-year term (compared to 3 years for traditional multi-year contracts), as well as a revaluation premium.

The sustainability of the potato crop is linked to the investments made by both manufacturers and farmers. In a context of high inflation and an increase in the costs of production for farmers, McCain and GAPPI approved an average increase of 20% in contract prices. This increase goes beyond simply covering rising production costs and affirms McCain intention to support farmers over the long term.