Harmony: a sustainable farming charter

Published: 14/06/2022

Harmony is a Mondelēz programme for sustainable wheat farming. It is a partnership with local farmers located as close as possible to the company’s biscuit production.

Mondelēz’s suppliers under the Harmony programme receive a premium to apply a demanding charter of better farming practices, the Harmony Charter, to grow wheat in a sustainable way that helps prevent the usage of pesticides and fertilisers, preserve water and soil, and reduce carbon emission. The Harmony Charter also contains specific practices to enhance biodiversity.

Wheat is the first ingredient to bake Mondelēz biscuits. 12 years ago, starting with just a few farmers, the company developed a vision of a better way to grow wheat, leading to Harmony, a charter of best practices which sparked a movement of sustainable farming.

Today, 91% of the wheat used for Mondelēz European biscuit production is covered by the harmony programme.

Now the company’s ambition is to expand this programme to cover 100% of the company’s European biscuits by 2022.

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