Nestlé is committed to improving the environmental performance of packaging

Published: 02/02/2018

Nestlé is committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of its packaging. Nestlé Waters has saved more than 22,000 tons of PET worldwide within the last 3 years by driving standardisation through Best-In-Class bottle designs.

In addition, Nestlé uses recycled materials for its packaging where they are proven by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies to be equal or better in environmental performance, and do not jeopardise the quality, performance, safety or consumer acceptance of their prod­ucts.

For example, Herta uses 25–30% of recycled PET in trays in France, the Italian mineral water brand Vera has incorporated 25% of recycled PET in its bottle range and Nestlé Hungary uses recycled PET for plastic trays for seasonal chocolates.

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