Closing the loop with Nutella

Published: 14/12/2020

Nutella, a Ferrero brand, has joined forces with Loop – the leading reuse platform and the supermarket Carrefour for a packaging reuse pilot scheme in Paris, France.

Through the new scheme, shoppers will be able to purchase a specially designed reusable Nutella jar from the 10 pilot stores and the Carrefour website for which they pay a deposit. Carrefour will then collect the empty jars for washing and reuse.

Ferrero’s in-house design team worked closely with Loop’s experts to develop the new pilot Nutella jar, the first of its kind, which meets all the needed criteria for reuse.

The result of this collaboration – a specially designed jar which is durable, safe, hygienic and which features an optimised label and seal that can be easily removed during the wash cycle.

Collection programmes across France are already available for consumers to recycle the current Nutella glass jars and plastic caps. However, through this pilot scheme, Ferrero, Loop and other leading brands will be able to test operationally and from a consumer perspective what benefits the reuse platform can bring as a collective model.

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