Sweden: Official dietary guidelines

Published: 03/02/2017

The Swedish dietary guidelines provides simple messages and indications on healthy eating by the Swedish National Food Agency. As a result of a discussion between the Agency, the food industry and retailers, labelling and marketing with dietary guidelines on individual products was allowed in 2016. The purpose of this is to help raising awareness about the dietary guidelines, stimulate innovation of healthy products, make healthy choices easier for consumers and thereby help to improve food habits.

In 2016, the Swedish Food Federation organised seminars and meetings with member companies to make them aware of the possibility to use dietary guidelines in labelling and marketing and also to show them how to use both the Agency’s guidance and the forthcoming industry guidance that will help companies to use dietary guidelines on their products.

In 2017, the Swedish Food Federation launched the industry guidance in the form of a unique web-based tool. The guidance includes an interactive test that helps the companies to decide whether a specific guideline (e.g. choose wholegrain) fits with their specific product without risk of being misleading for the consumer.

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