Pepsico introduces new packaging goal, doubling down on reusable packaging options

Published: 05/12/2022

PepsiCo today announced a global packaging goal intended to double the percentage of all beverage servings it sells delivered through reusable models from 10-20% by 2030. This ambition is part of PepsiCo Positive (pep+), the company’s strategic, end-to-end business transformation that puts sustainability and people at the centre of how the company will create growth and value.

Offering its beverage products in reusable packaging and on innovative platforms that eliminate the need for single-use virgin plastic is not new to PepsiCo – it has been an important element of the company’s Sustainable Packaging Vision since 2018, when PepsiCo invested over $3.2B to acquire SodaStream, the world’s leading reuse platform, and expressed its commitment to a circular economy for plastics by joining the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

Reuse is also a critical lever to meet PepsiCo’s goals to reduce virgin plastic per serving by 50% by 2030 and to become Net Zero by 2040, and progress toward these goals will also be driven – in partnership with our bottlers – by increasing recycled content in our packaging across Europe and globally.   

Aligned with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s “Reuse – Rethinking Packaging” framework, PepsiCo will pursue four approaches to achieve its new packaging goal, including expanding its SodaStream business, both at home and in workplaces through SodaStream Professional; building out its refillable plastic (PET) and glass bottle offerings in partnership with PepsiCo bottlers; growing its fountain drinks business with reusable cups; and accelerating growth in powders and concentrates.

PepsiCo has more than 80 markets around the world offering reusable packaging solutions, including: 

  • The widespread international availability of SodaStream, and its continued growth, enables consumers to reinvent how they consume fresh sparkling water as well as some of the world’s most loved beverage brands and personalise their choices in reusable containers, potentially eliminating the need for more than 200 billion plastic bottles by 2030. In Europe, this year France launched SodaStream Professional hydration stations in workplaces, transport stations and restaurants. Following a successful trial PepsiCo is planning to scale its footprint of commercial stations in the coming year.
  • Refillable and returnable glass and plastic programs in major markets including Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Germany and the Philippines. 
  • In Europe the Gatorade brand is offered as concentrated powder to allow consumers to customize the drink to their preferences in their own containers.

PepsiCo will continue working with multiple partners to develop new infrastructure to support reuse and refill models.  Most recently, PepsiCo joined the Closed Loop Partners NextGen Consortium.  Through the consortium, it is working collaboratively with stakeholders across the value chain to design and test new models to enable the scale up of reusable cups, a critical component of supporting a reuse infrastructure alongside beverage fountains. 

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