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German platform for diet and physical activity

Published: 03/02/2016

The German “Platform for Diet and Physical Activity” peb brings together a variety of social forces which actively support the promotion of a balanced diet and physical activity as essential components of a healthy lifestyle. The central aim of peb is the prevention of overweight and obesity in children and young people. As a joint initiative of politics, science, the medical sector, NGOs and industry, peb forms a unique network in Europe with more than 100 members.

Several pilot projects have already been successfully conducted: ‘Regions with peb’, ‘peb and pebber’, ‘Lale: Obesity Prevention for Turkish children and adolescents’ and ‘Kindergarten Coaches’.

The latest pilot project is ‘Nine plus twelve: Healthy during pregnancy and first year of life’. This project aims to motivate families to adopt a healthy lifestyle before or with the beginning of the pregnancy. With this unique approach, gynaecologists, midwives and paediatricians use the period of pregnancy and a child’s first year of life to implement a healthy lifestyle in families.

Consultations concentrating on diet and physical activity are supported by numerous information brochures and short films. To guarantee a consistent approach, the professional groups involved use the same messages and give the same recommendations. Initial interim results already show convincing project successes. In 2013, the pilot project was awarded with the Prevention Award by the German Obesity Society (DAG) and the Working Committee on Obesity in Children and Adolescents (AGA).

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