Portuguese food industry joins food literacy project

Published: 08/05/2020

Strengthening the role of the agri-food industry in education and information on food, so that consumers can make better more informed choices, is one of the main objectives of the Portuguese food federation, FIPA, when participating in FOODLIT-PRO.

FOODLIT-PRO is a national project on food literacy, whose mission is to develop and promote knowledge, skills and behaviours among the adult population, that foster informed choices that are appropriate to their food needs.

FIPA has been co-operating with the project, in order to contribute to scientific advancement in what is a very important topic for society and in which the agri-food industry is seen as a determining and influencing factor.

Funded by Foundation for Science and Technology and developed by a team of psychologists specialised in the health field, FOODLIT-PRO was born in 2017 and now has a new website, where it is possible to obtain more information and have access to scientific production developed so far.

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