Portuguese public-private agreement on product reformulation

Published: 15/05/2019

The Portuguese Food Industry (FIPA) and the retailers sector (APED) signed with the Ministry of Health a broad commitment that involves the progressive reduction of sugar, salt and trans fats in various categories of food products. The independent monitoring process will be carried out by Nielsen and the National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge.

FIPA, APED and a number of sectoral associations reached an agreement with the Ministry of Health to establish nutritional reformulation targets for various food categories, which will now be mirrored in protocols to be signed with the Ministry of Health.

This process gains an innovative element by incorporating a robust independent monitoring system, conducted by Nielsen and the National Institute of Health, which will allow monitoring the evolution of the nutritional composition of the products that represent 80 % of the sales of the various categories, presenting annual balance sheets based on the volume-weighted average of sales, which channels the processes of reformulation for the most consumed products.

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