Public-private collaboration for the promotion of healthy lifestyles

Published: 03/02/2016

In Spain, the Spanish food and drink industry association (FIAB) actively supports efforts to promote healthy lifestyles through a number of projects and public private partnerships.

  • The organisation has contributed to the creation of a “MasterChef Cookbook for children” that was promoted by the Junior MasterChef cooking show broadcast on the Spanish public television. The publication provides a format for children to share their favourite recipes.
  • FIAB has produced a ‘Catalogue of activities in the area of food and health’ (2011-2015), showcasing activities that food and drink companies and sectors have undertaken in recent years.
  • FIAB has also contributed to the development of a ‘Guide on healthy lifestyles’ (aimed at families) within the campaign ‘Living in Health’. The guide acts as a stimulus for actions that impact directly on our lifestyles and to encourage a healthy development of social, family and work environments.
  • FIAB partnered with Alimentum Foundation and since 2014 has created a specialised virtual space titled that covers all topics related to nutrition and health, focusing on improving life quality and social wellness. The initiative is also supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The content of the website, which is available to the general public, is approved by a scientific advisory board consisting of academia, consumers, technology centres and government bodies.

Furthermore, FIAB has cooperated with the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, the Spanish Consumer and Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (AECOSAN) and the General Directorate of Public Health in developing the Strategy for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Prevention of Obesity (NAOs). The Strategy, developed in 2005, aims to promote a healthy diet and to foster physical activity, to invert the growing trend of obesity prevalence and thus to substantially reduce morbidity and mortality attributable to chronic diseases. These goals are achieved through the promotion of policies and plans of action aimed at improving eating habits and increasing physical activity in the population.

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