Feeding pigs rapeseed oil for healthier pork

Published: 03/02/2021

Rapeseed-fed pork was launched in Finland in 2011 after four years of research. The objective was to examine the change in the nutritional content of pork.

By feeding pigs with rapeseed oil, the fat quality changes as saturated fat is partly replaced by unsaturated fatty acids, especially omega 3 fatty acids. Because of this special feed, the fat composition of rapeseed-fed pork meets the maximum nutritional recommendation of one-third saturated fat.

The initiative found that the change in fatty acid composition made the rapeseed-fed pork juicier and tastier, both qualities consumers like. Launches included a wide varieties of products, both in meat and meat products. It was estimated that Finns consumed over 100,000 kg less saturated fat yearly thanks to rapeseed-fed pork. The Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare awarded the national Health Award 2012 to HKScan Finland for its work toward better heart health.

Rapeseed pork in a unique innovation in the world and the work continues. Pigs are eating corn and protein is grown near the farm. The animals are considered healthiest in the world and the product development continues, so that consumers can enjoy the best qualities of rapeseed-fed pork: health and great taste in same package.

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