Reducing the salt content of sausage seasonings

Published: 03/02/2017

The Scottish Food and Drink Federation’s (SFDF) Reformulation Programme, funded by the Scottish Government, worked with four of the main seasoning companies in the UK, Dalesman, Dalziel, Kerry and Scobie & Junor, to create new lower salt seasonings for use by independent butchers.

The programme helped companies identify opportunities to reduce salt in their popular sausage seasoning ranges. Small batches of lower salt seasonings were produced and sent out to their butchery clients to trial. They were also tasted in-house and at trade events.

The companies were helped to reduce the salt content of various seasonings by between 20-35%. Through this work, all the small butchery clients that use these seasonings have an off the shelf way to meet the Scottish government salt targets in sausages.

Due to successful trials these seasoning ranges are now available for sale and the seasoning companies are working on increasing the uptake of these products. Derek Wynne, Scobie & Junor, commented, “We noticed how the reduction of salt in certain recipes altered the taste experience to make the herb and spice flavors more prominent. The opportunity to enhance these flavors while delivering a health benefit… was a no brainer.”

Sausage seasonings

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