Czech research activities on health and nutrition

Published: 03/02/2016

Research is a central part of the activities of the PK ČR. For instance:

  • The Working Group for Meat is testing meat products on salt content and the development of meat products with lower content of NaCl.
  • The Working Group on Cereals in Human Nutrition has issued in 2015 the publication “Cereals in Human Nutrition – a brief summary of findings with increased focus on the issue of gluten”, which provides further insights into growing and processing cereals, the nutritionally important ingredients in cereals, the health risks associated with cereals, gluten-free ingredients and legally-defined food allergies and gluten-free foods. A seminar was organised for nutritionists, secondary school teachers and the wider public in Prague on 17 October 2015.
  • The Working Group for Food Safety has issued a publication “Nutritionally Important Substances in Foodstuffs”, describing and classifying the nutritionally important substances, and their importance and role in the diet. It also provides information about the digestive system and its functioning in the metabolism of nutrients.
  • The Working Group on Membrane Processes in the Food Industry has been working on a research project funded by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture entitled “New technological procedures with the use of membrane processes that provide new food products with improved nutritional and user features”.

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