Coca-Cola: Responsible Marketing Policy

Published: 03/02/2017

In Europe, we are members of the EU Pledge, a voluntary commitment of leading food and non-alcoholic beverage companies to limit their advertising to children under 12 to products that meet specific nutritional standards.

Coca-Cola’s 2017 compliance rates for the EU Pledge were 96.2% for TV advertising and 100% for both company-owned websites and social media profiles.

Our Global Responsible Marketing Policy covers all our beverages, including water and juices. We do not market any products directly to children under 12 because we respect and support the role of parents and caregivers who are best equipped to make the right dietary choices for their children.
For more information, visit The Coca-Cola Company’s Responsible Marketing Policy.

We believe in commercial-free classrooms

We respect and recognize the unique learning environment of schools and believe in commercial-free classrooms for children. Globally, we will not offer our beverages for sale in primary schools unless requested to do so by parents and caregivers or school authorities to meet hydration needs. In such cases, we will endeavor to meet those requests with a full portfolio of beverages, including water, juices and other beverages in both regular and low-calorie/calorie-free versions. Read our Global School Beverage Guidelines.

No Sale of Sugar Sweetened Beverages in Secondary Schools Across EU

In Europe, in 2017, along with the other company-members of the European Soft Drinks Industry (UNESDA), Coca-Cola committed to voluntarily cease sales of drinks containing added sugars to secondary schools across the European Union.

Complete implementation of the pledge is planned for end 2018. From then, Coca-Cola will provide only no- and low-calorie soft drinks to secondary schools, with water remaining the foremost drink available for schoolchildren. UNESDA estimates that this voluntary effort will reach more than 50,000 secondary schools and over 40 million young people across the EU.

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