Treatwell: responsibly produced, mindfully enjoyed

Published: 14/11/2019

Launched on 12 November 2019, the Treatwell initiative will serve as a platform for people looking to understand the history and cultural importance of chocolate, biscuits and confectionery industry, and the different ways in which CAOBISCO members are making a positive impact on the world, and the communities they engage with, through products that are responsibly produced and mindfully enjoyed.

Responsible Production: In practice, this means focusing on those areas where we can make the greatest impact, whether this relates to preventing deforestation, promoting sustainable agriculture and the sourcing of raw materials, or helping empower farmers and their communities to become more productive and climate smart. Our members are committed to an ethical and sustainable supply chain and making a dedicated and active contribution towards this. As CAOBISCO, we also recognise the importance of diversity, human rights and the inclusion of people of different working generations and cultures

Mindful Enjoyment and Healthy Lifestyles: Our industry takes its part in active measures to fight obesity and malnutrition, and to ensure consumers make informed choices when enjoying our high-quality products and promoting an active lifestyle. Our members are continually innovating to adapt and improve the nutritional content of new and existing products, without compromising on taste and quality. We are also providing consumers with greater choices and a wide range of products of different sizes and formats, which fit into their individual diets and suit a wide variety of occasions.

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