Return me! - Palauta minuti!

Published: 01/03/2020

In the summer of 2019, Finnish alcoholic beverage company Altia carried out their first responsibility campaign aimed directly at consumers. The campaign was built around bottle recycling.

The circular economy lies at the core of Altia’s responsibility and sustainability programme, and the circulation of PET plastic bottles is an important part of it. When returned, a PET bottle is one of the most ecological packaging alternatives for liquids, thanks to its recyclability and low carbon footprint.

The campaign reached buyers of small bottles successfully, and the return rate for Altia’s flask-size PET bottles rose by 8% in June–August on average compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. 

In packaging terms, Altia’s new Sustainability Roadmap 2030 aims to improve the return rates for beverage packages by continuing the consumer campaigns in the company’s home markets.

Altia is a member of spiritsEurope.

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