Cargill: same taste, less sugars, low calories

Published: 16/06/2020

Cargill is committed to helping customers develop products that meet consumers’ needs.

The company offers customers a wide variety of choice. Whether they are developing full or reduced sugar and calorie products, Cargill offers one of the broadest portfolios of nature-derived sweeteners on the market, ranging from full- and low-calorie sweeteners made from maize and wheat, to no-calorie sweeteners including erythritol and stevia sweeteners. In Europe, Cargill has more than 50 years of experience producing sweeteners.

Cargill is well positioned in the field of sugar and calorie reduction, with one of the widest portfolios to cater to all aspects of nutrition profile optimisation.

Removing sugars can pose certain challenges in terms of recipe balance, flavour, texture and mouthfeel. But with an innovative range of sweeteners, bulking agents, texturisers, and proteins, Cargill offers holistic solution.

Cargill has invested in soluble fibers, which are often used when reducing sugars and they have the ability to bring additional fiber content which improves nutritional profiles of food and beverages and generates numerous health benefits.

The company is also expanding the stevia product line through Avansya, the joint venture Cargill has with DSM. Avansya combines the expertise of both leading companies to develop new-to-the-world stevia-based sweeteners using traditional fermentation. Cargill also participates in research projects, on national and European level, such as the European consortium SWEET.

Innovation also comes through radically rethinking business models. In 2020, Cargill introduced INFUSE by Cargill, launched to ensure SME’s can also benefit from the company’s knowledge & expertise as we deliver easy-to-use, blended ingredient solutions to support on-trend product development, in the fields of sugar and calorie reduction, label-friendly, plant-based, and free from formulation challenges.

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