Sausages low in fat and no additives

Published: 03/02/2021

Campofrio Food Group, always focused on its consumer needs & trends, innovates in its sausages category, with a new range made of chicken or turkey breast. These are the only low fat sausages in the market with less than 3%, providing a very low caloric value, of which a great majority of this is protein, and which do not contain added preservatives or phosphates, and are colorant, lactose and gluten free.

This unique range is a new alternative for families looking for more balanced meals & dinners, launched by Campofrío Food Group in Spain, Portugal And Italy.

Approximately, 60% of the growth of Campofrío’s Sausages from the last year comes from innovation. Good performance in trial results, this innovation duplicates the category benchmark, and even more, has been the great contributor for the growth of the small & medium sausages segment. The Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) has supported Campofrio as a special partner, participating in the development and evaluation of these new sausages.

Campofrio will keep supporting these launching offering more innovative alternatives adapted to new times and new food habits of society responding to the needs of consumers.