Sector-wide dialogue for the long-term sustainability of the coffee sector

Published: 04/04/2021

The European Coffee Federation (ECF) and its members advocate for sustainable and resilient food systems that will develop and enhance the lives of coffee growing communities and encourage increasing consumers ethical, economic and environmental aspirations in order to embrace social responsibility and reduce their environmental footprint.

ECF has published a living catalogue of the sustainability landscape in the coffee sector on the website.

ECF supports and encourages dialogue and engagement with the international coffee community to ensure that conditions are in place to improve the wellbeing, livelihoods and economic success of coffee farming communities.

The European Coffee Federation and its members strongly believe that sustainability is a shared responsibility and are therefore active in the sector-wide dialogue launched by the International Coffee Organization to build consensus and find actionable solutions to ensure the resilience and long-term sustainability of the coffee supply chain, from farm to cup.

ECF works with other stakeholders in the coffee chain to ensure that coffee is sourced in a sustainable manner. Acting as facilitator between the different sustainability initiatives, ECF helps disseminate mutual best practices across the value-chain, as well as contributing to Public-Private partnerships, which are essential to ensuring the effectiveness of sustainability programmes.

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